Connect your Customers' Experiences Across Your Service Ecosystem Seamlessly

Connected CX Ecosystem

Eccentex committed to deliver seamless experiences across all processes and communication channels. HyperAutomation Cloud designed to support Open Service Architecture that makes easy to connect 3rd party system components across the Customer’s ServiceJourney.

Open Service Architecture

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Content Management Integration

Eccentex HyperAutomation cloud seamless Integration with OpenText ECM removes the barrier between your Case Managers and their shared content.

Out of Box CCaaS Integration

Integrate with leading CCaaS solutions across any cloud

Eccentex HyperAutomation Cloud exposes standard Open APIs to integrate with CCaaS vendors regardless of which cloud platform they are hosted on. If the CCaaS vendor enables embedded iFrames, the Eccentex solution components can be displayed inside their omnichannel desktop to provide a frictionless agent experience.

Unify agent view across CRM/OMS systems

With dynamic iFrames, you can display data that is fetched in real-time from 3rd party CRM/OMS systems. Now your agents do not need to jump between screens to get all relevant information across all customer interactions.

Eccentex HyperAutomation Cloud

Discover how a single Business Automation Platform can accelerate your Digital Transformation and optimize your processes

Cross-Cloud Service & Data Integration

Federate Multiple AI Services Across Clouds

Through Eccentex AI Services, you can leverage the combined power of multiple AI capabilities in an orchestrated way. Create business automation solutions, automate email replies, translate between 150+ languages, filter out PII data, enable real-time sentiment analysis, and more with the help of federated AI services.

Import and Export Data Regardless of Format

HyperAutomation Cloud is equipped with data import/export capabilities and APIs that enable data exchange through standard communication protocols. You can export your case management related data to a corporate BI/MI system.

Cross-Cloud Federated AI Services

Eccentex HyperAutomation Cloud is equipped with multiple platform level AI Services that able to be integrated easily with 3rd party AI services. Leverage the joint power of Cross-Cloud AI services across your Business Automation Applications.

Platform Services Integration

Easily Integrate With Any Standard Directory Services

Simplify the management of case participants that are already administered through corporate directory services. With a simple integration to a corporate standard directory you can define case participants and manage their access rules on a case and task level. 

Orchestrate Knowledge Across Your Enterprise

Large organizations typically have multiple knowledge sources, possibly in different formats. With Eccentex Smart Knowledge Base connectors, you can consolidate and manage all knowledge sources in a consistent manner. 

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