OpenText Integration Adapter

Eccentex HyperAutomation Cloud is introducing an industry-leading integration adapter that connects all Eccentex Dynamic Case Management low-code and AI capabilities with OpenText extended Enterprise Content Management (xECM). Through this agile adapter, businesses can easily connect case information to all related documents managed by OpenText’s xECM. With integrated solutions, users can enjoy the combined power of two industry-leading solutions without worrying about application security, process integration, data retention & privacy.

End-to-end connected user experiences

Case Managers, Knowledge Workers, and Email Automation users can work with any documents stored and managed in Enterprise Content Management from one unified desktop.

You don’t need to migrate documents or create complex access authorization rules. The Integrated Solutions work together as a single system. 

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Eccentex HyperAutomation Cloud fully supports OpenText xECM through a trusted integration adapter built for Enterprise use.

This Adapter ensures real-time access to large content repositories directly from Eccentex Applications.





Leverage The Power of Low-Code Application Design

Use Eccentex intuitive visual builders to outline procedures and workflows in minutes and deploy the designed application without IT involvement. 


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Save Time, Effort and Money

The Integration Suite for OpenText has multiple pre-built applications that run on top of your Core Systems without requiring them to be modified. The Suite is integrated with Opentext xECM including Documentum and Content Server, and includes: Smart Knowledge Base, Technical Service Management, Linear Asset Change Management, Pipeline Change Management, and others that are added regularly. These solutions can address a range of industries, including Energy, Utility, Oil & Gas, Telco, Transport, Mining, Finance, Government, Insurance, Retail, and Travel. Eccentex Dynamic Case Management Applications deliver streamlined processes that lower costs and increase compliance, productivity, as well as customer and employee satisfaction.